In Conversation with Gas Bijoux

Pascal and Marnie are the talented couple behind boho-chic jewelry line Gas Bijoux. Located in one of our favorite neighborhoods in NYC, we recently sat down with them to find out their favorite places to grab a bite, what inspires them and who their style icons are.


Can you tell us a bit about your motivation to start Gas Bijoux? 

The line is the brainchild of our long time friend Andre Gas, it is handmade and gorgeous and after a few years of Marnie wearing pieces as her personal jewelry, after she got enough ‘where did you get that?’, we  decided to open up shop in America.

Tell us about your aesthetic?

We love anything handcrafted, we love color, we love unique…especially in accessories. One special and fab accessory can totally change or make a look! We like clean lines but we’re not afraid of color.

What do you both do when you’re not working? 

We love traveling and spend quite a lot of time traveling with our two daughters. We are also big workout people, and being a runner, Pascal gets to know a ton of new neighborhoods running in the city. Flea markets are another hobby, we hit weekend ones when we are in town.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Much of it comes from people watching. Markets are also big inspirations, so much inspiration comes from vintage furniture and clothing.

Your favorite spots around the neighborhood?

We have lived in Nolita since we arrive in New York in 1998, specifically Elizabeth St., so we are very into our hood. We love Bread Nolita and Cafe Gitane for lunch, Tacombi and Cafe Habana for dinner. Amazing vibes and no attitude is what Nolita is all about! Marnie loves Warm on Mott St., they carry a roster of really different designers. I really like to mix a good Zara with some vintage and some dapper Paul Smith.

Who is your style icon?

We don’t really have a single one, but most likely all the everyday people that have a unique sense of style. Especially those not related to fashion or entertainment and without stylists. Just regular people that put together simple, cool looks. Those are our icons.

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If you’re ever in Nolita do stop by their store and say hello.

Gas Bijoux // 238 Mott St, New York

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