Inside Kayu

What to Wear

Summer is in full swing and there are still plenty of weddings and bridal parties to attend. Are you running out of ideas as to what to wear to these special occasions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out these lovely outfits we dreamed up!



Guipure Lace Dress by Self-Portrait.
Melanie Clutch by KAYU.
Hammered-silk Maxi Dress by Halston Heritage.
Leather Pumps by Gianvito Rossi.
Audrey Clutch by KAYU.
Tista Clutch by KAYU.
Asymmetric Printed Chiffon Dress by Halston Heritage.

Hello Summer

Summer is officially here! Whether you’re going to a pool party, picnic or BBQ, don’t forget to grab a Kayu bag with you. Our St Tropez is perfect for toting around all your summer necessities like camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, and water bottle (gotta stay hydrated). If you like to travel light, our Capri and Tulum Leopard are the perfect clutches for your wallet, phone, and lipgloss. We styled up these three bags with a little bit of chambray, a little bit of crochet and a whole lot of sun!
1. St Tropez tote by KAYU
4. Capri clutch by KAYU
7. Slingback sandals by Soludos

Our new studio

2015-05-28_164343Those of you who follow our blog will know that I ran KAYU from home for a couple of years before deciding that it was time to have a place just for all things KAYU. Two years ago we made the move to a beautiful studio in one of my favorite neighborhoods, South Park. Our office was in the middle of a beautiful park smack in the middle of San Francisco, right next to all the cool restaurants and boutiques. The problem was it was a thirty minute drive from where I live (and that’s on a good day with no traffic). When I had my first child last September I knew it was time to move again. There was no way I was driving an hour each day to and from work. I started looking for spaces in downtown Burlingame, an adorable town only ten minutes from my home. When I came upon our current space I knew it was the one. It’s a 700 sq foot space that used to be an architect’s office and was perfect for the KAYU team.


It took us over a month to decorate the space but after much back and forth, pinterest boards and shopping sprees at IKEA, the space is finally done. We have an open meeting area that houses a dining table from Home Goods and chairs from DWR, two smaller offices with white desks and chairs, and a light-filled sun room that is great for parties. One of my favorite pieces is a vintage pie-safe which we found in an antique store. It’s painted the perfect shade of turquoise and now houses our latest collection.


To celebrate our new space and introduce our Cote D’Azur inspired collection, we recently hosted a French themed soiree. We were lucky to be able to team up with so many talented vendors who made our vision come to life. We wanted designated areas for eating and drinking, and a flower bar where guests could make their own bouquet.

2015-05-28_160110 2015-05-28_155855

Our talented Creative Director Kim made this canopy just for the event!


The food was catered by Nuri’s Kitchen and Macarons a Go Go, and the beautiful table setting and flowers were done by Chairs + Cups. 


I’ve always wanted to see our name in lights :)

2015-05-28_1610132015-05-28_1519352015-05-28_154515I hope you enjoyed the tour. For those of you in the Bay Area do stay tuned for more parties, and for all who helped make the space come to life a big thank-you!


Spring Summer 2015

When I was eighteen years old I spent a month traveling around France. A group of us met in London, made our way to Paris and then went south. There are many things I remember about the trip, the pebbled beaches of Cannes, sitting at night on the window sill looking out at the narrow alleys in Nice, the glitz and glam of Monaco. The Cote D’Azur is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to, even more so when clouded with the giddiness of youth.

The French Riviera made such an impression on me that I wanted to capture some of that joie de vivre in our latest collection. It’s one my favorite to date and I can’t help but reminisce about that trip all those years ago whenever I carry something from this collection.

I don’t think I’ll be going back to that part of the world any time soon so I guess I’ll have to make do with a glass of rose and re-runs of French Kiss. I’m not complaining…






Happy Mother’s Day



This Mother’s Day is an especially significant one for me because I’m spending it with a new man in my life; my son Kyson. Kyson has only been with us for a short seven months, but he’s already taught me so much about what it means to be a mother, a wife and a daughter. It’s true what they say about love for your child and how you will never love anyone as deeply and with such generosity. Only now can I contemplate the struggles my mother went through with me and the sacrifices she’s made.

I talked about balance in my previous post, and that’s one of the things women in the 21st Century struggle with. Is it possible to have a fulfilling career and also be there for your children? I’m very aware that the only reason I can continue to run Kayu is because I have a nanny to look after Kyson while I am at work. Of that I am incredibly grateful as childcare in the US is not universal nor affordable. In fact, the US has no national health and safety standards when it comes to childcare and it is both expensive and of variable quality. Surveys consistently show that childcare in the US is one of the least affordable in the world. This is not the case in many other advanced nations, where governments, unions or employers may share the cost of child care with parents.

I do not judge women who quit their jobs to stay at home with their little ones – being a mom is the hardest job in the world. But I do think there is something broken with our system when women, who are passionate about their work but can’t afford childcare, have no alternative but to opt out of the job market. This Mother’s Day I would like to challenge our government to institute universal affordable child care so that women can continue working, contributing and pursuing their passions. Women can have it all; a fulfilling career and a happy family life. We just need some help getting there.

Happy Earth Day

I was recently asked by a magazine to share some of the most beautiful places I’ve been to.

One place that stands out in my mind is our honeymoon to the Cayman Islands. I recall eating jerk chicken on the side of the road with the blazing sun against my back, napping in a hammock with one leg buried in the hot sand and diving at night with only a flashlight to guide us through the midnight-blue waters. The colors of the islands are vivid in my mind; the turquoise oceans, the orange and yellow tropical fish and the bright pink corals. Only in nature can colors melt so perfectly into each other – a reminder that mother nature knows best.

Happy Earth Day.


Where the Wild Things are

One of my favorite times of the day is story time with my son Kyson. I’ve had so much fun discovering and rediscovering all the children’s literature out there. From books I remember as a child (“Where the Wild Things Are”) to new classics like “Bringing in the New Year”. Here are some of my favorite, what are yours?


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault

A wonderful way to introduce your little one to the alphabet. You’ll get tongue twisted along the way and enjoy every minute of it.

Where the Wild Things are by Maurice Sendak

My favorite part is when the wild rumpus starts. The wordless pages begs for dance improv.

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Goes to show that the simplest of stories are often the best. Guaranteed to put my little one to bed almost immediately.

Guess How Much I love you by Sam McBratney

The sweetest of books about a Hare and his mother/father professing their love to each other.

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

What could be more fun than green eggs and ham? In a house, with a mouse, in a boat, with a goat?

Happy Valentine’s Day

Every year we arrive at February 14th and I get into the same discussion with friends; to celebrate or not? There is so much pressure to have the “best” night out, not to mention the fact that all the restaurants get booked out months in advance. This year we’ve decided to instead have a quiet night in with a home cooked menu that is simple yet sexy at the same time.

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day recipes?