In Conversation with Steph Kopper of Shore Soap

We’re very excited to give you an inside look at the inspiration behind Shore Soap,
a brand we discovered, love – and had to carry in our new boutique in Burlingame!

Name: Steph Kopper

Occupation: Owner of Shore Soap Co.

Where do you live? Newport, RI

Favorite thing about living in Rhode Island…
I love how there’s so much beauty and history packed into this city by the sea. You’re surrounded by gorgeous views and fresh salt air as you stroll along cobblestone streets and meander up and down the wharfs. It’s a magical little place.

The best spot for cocktails and favorite dinner…

Diego’s makes some amazing cocktails, no matter what your poison may be. Castle Hill is also another favorite spot…they have a massive lawn overlooking Narragansett Bay so you can enjoy your favorite afternoon cocktail with some of the best views in town! Matunuck Oyster bar is a couple towns over and home to some amazing seafood and probably the best oysters I’ve ever had. They harvest them in Potter Pond, right out front of their waterfront restaurant.

Life before Shore Soap?
Life before Shore Soap Co. was definitely much different. I was living the city life in Brooklyn, NY for a few years before moving back up to the Ocean State. I worked retail for a bit and dabbled in some visual merchandising which was definitely helpful when opening a store of my own. Along the way, my college sweetheart and I had gotten engaged, rescued a puppy then decided we missed the seaside breeze and salt air, hence the move back to RI!

Finding Inspiration…
Most of my inspiration comes from my surroundings. Living so close to the ocean and having such an appreciation for Mother Nature has definitely played a big role on ingredients that we use and names that we create for our products.

Words to live by?
“It’s not how big the house is that matters…it’s how much love is inside.” -words that my dad had instilled upon me ever since I was a young child.

Favorite vacation spot?
I would have to say Portugal. Lisbon is beautiful and full of history…the impressive architecture and colorful neighborhoods captivate you. Algarve is also amazing…between the breathtaking landscapes, gorgeous beaches and delicious cuisine, you’ll never want to leave!

3 must-have travel items…
I have to be cautious of what I use on my face since I have such sensitive skin, so I always bring one of our Charcoal Tea Tree face bars with me, even if I’m away for one night. I also can’t leave the house without a bottle of Derma E Hydrating Mist. It adds a nice quick boost of hydration to your skin and is great for traveling, especially on airplanes which tend to dry your skin out. The best accessory on any travel adventure is a perfect versatile bag. My Kayu Tribal clutch is my go-to bag because it can easily be dressed up for a night of dinner and dancing or toned down for afternoon strolls through a new city.

Current obsession…

My current obsession (and for the past year and a half) would have to be my baby boy. It’s such a mom thing to say but he melts my heart and motivates me every single day.

What fuels your soul?
My family and friends. I could not imagine life without such a strong support system and people to lean on. I cherish my family and the friendships that I have very much…their love, honesty and loyalty mean more to me than anything else.

Describe your perfect day…
Packing a picnic, some beach towels and a portable speaker and heading to the boat for an entire day at sea with my husband, our baby boy and of course our water-loving pup.

What can we expect to see at Shore Soap in the coming months?
We usually hold off on new product development until the winter months once we are through our peak-season.I will say that we do have some things already brewing in our minds so stay tuned this fall/winter!

Thank you to Steph for taking the time to chat with us. Be sure to check out her beautiful goods here! Until next time, friends!

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