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The Shoshanna line is bold, unique, and innovative, just like the founder behind it. Shoshanna Gruss is the power-woman who continues to change the way women’s fashion is defined through her feminine and playful designs. We had the opportunity to have a 1-on-1 chat with Shoshanna and here’s what went down.


What is your favorite part about being a creative director?

It’s such a wonderful outlet for all of my energy. I don’t think I ever come into the office without an excited feeling. I get energized by the colors and fabrics and trims, and seeing my fantasies come to life in the form of our sample never loses its specialness.

What are some future goals for Shoshanna?

I have always grown the Shoshanna brand organically, never pushing us in a direction that didn’t feel right. We are seeing a lot of growth in our new evening collection, Midnight, and I am excited to expand on that area.

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You can check out Shoshanna’s latest collection here.

What can we expect to see from Shoshanna in the coming months?

Innovative, beautiful, celebratory clothing that fits women like it was made for them, that is what you will always see us striving for.

Any news on introducing a boy’s collection to your line?

Ha!!! Now that I have a son, I think about this all the time…don’t be surprised if we add a boy’s element to our swimwear collection…

If you could give one tip or advice to someone entering the fashion industry, what would it be?

To stay true to your gut, and to maintain your creativity. Determination is as important as is talent.



What inspires you?

I am inspired by the strong and determined women I see every day in this great city. I want to make beautiful clothing for them that fits well, and makes them feel like they are presenting their best selves while looking strong, celebratory, powerful and beautiful.

Does the Shoshanna style replicate your own style?

The Shoshanna style has always represented my style, and has evolved as I have grown and evolved.

 Family & Thanksgiving

What are some of your favorite family time activities?

We are ALL so busy these days, especially now that the school year has started; one of my favorite things is all sitting around on the couch, reading, snuggling, and even watching a Disney movie. Just the deliciousness of us all being relaxed and together, with no schedule. That’s my favorite family time.

What is your family’s favorite dish to share and enjoy?

My father makes the most amazing sausage stuffing. It’s what I look forward to every year.

How do you give thanks?

I honestly feel thankful every day.

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is an all-day affair at my place in Sag Harbor. We eat around 4pm, and then all watch the kids play until it’s time to go home.

KAYU Favorites

Which is your favorite Kayu bag?

Absolutely LOVE the St. Tropez tote!


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