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The Design

The Piñata


Our Piñata tote was inspired by the vibrant colors and textures of Mexico. Raffia fringe resembles the paper mache creations filled with candy during Mexican celebrations. Both playful and practical, it fits all of your beach essentials and more.


Our Piñata tote is made of of seagrass and covered with raffia fringe. Seagrass is harvested from low-lying areas in the Philippines. It is harvested and dried in the sun which turns the fibers from green to beige. The dried strips are then woven by hand over a wooden mold to give it it’s shape. Each bag takes many days to make and is made entirely by hand using basket weaving techniques that have been a Filipino tradition for thousands of years.

Our raffia fiber comes from the raffia palm tree which grows in the Philippines.The leaves of the raffia palm are harvested, split into strips and dried in the sun. The raffia strands are then sewn into fringe which adorns our Piñata bag.