Kayu Book Club: Winter Reading List

When the weather’s dreary, cozy up with these to enliven your winter months. Whether your New Year’s Resolution is to cross some top titles off your to-do list, or you’re just looking for a good distraction from all the air travel on your calendar, these engrossing books get our founder’s seal of approval.

What We’re Reading

Fleabag: The Scriptures 
by Phoebe Waller-Bridge

If you devoured the second season of this must-see show the way we did, you were probably left wanting more. Fleabag: The Scriptures includes the complete scripts for the show, including stage directions and notes that any true fan will relish—because two seasons just isn’t enough time to spend with Waller-Bridge’s perfectly imperfect, riveting title character.


We Are The Weather: Saving The Planet Begins At Breakfast
by Jonathan Safran Foer

A timely followup to Safran Foer’s Eating Animals, this enlightening tome deftly connects personal stories, actionable info, and fact nuggets without stumbling into the sort of apocalyptic tone that characterizes so much of the climate debate today. And with accolades from culinary-scene cornerstones like Mark Bittman and Samin Nosrat, it’s a book for foodies with a heavy dose of food-for-thought.



Such A Fun Age
by Kiley Reid

Exploring the tightrope act of being young and black in America, Kiley Reid’s novel dissects the relationship between a 25-year-old babysitter and her wealthy white employers. When a late-night grocery run with her charge turns into an outrage-machine media spectacle, issues of race bubble to the surface and change the dynamics between employer, employee, and child forever.


A Long Petal Of The Sea
by Isabel Allende

Synonymous with a style of multi-generational, personal-historical epics that are as lush as they are inviting, Allende takes on the Spanish Civil War in A Long Petal Of The Sea. Her story incorporates elements of her own family’s shared memory to beautifully expand our historical concept of the war and its players, while also weaving together a love story blooming amid conflict.



Salt Slow
by Julia Armfield

In her debut collection, Armfield brings together elements both fantastical and feminist to dissect womens’ relationships with their bodies. Her tales dip into themes of body horror, science fiction, and folklore, but every story will elicit an intuitive flash of recognition from anyone who has owned a body that seemed, at times, to be equal parts “self” and “other”. 


Marilou Is Everywhere
by Sarah Elaine Smith

One of NPR’s favorite books of 2019, this novel takes a unique spin on the “prince and pauper” archetype. When a teen from an affluent family goes missing, a rural Pennsylvanian 14-year-old finds a way to slip into another life to take her place. The result is a meditation on familial love, loss, and longing for another life.