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What Is Japandi Style?

Like everybody else I spent most of 2020 at home, and trust me when I say there’s nothing like being at home 24-7 to make you fantasize about remodeling. While indulging my house fantasies on Pinterest I noticed I kept pinning the same things over and over – minimalist but warm interiors which looked a bit Scandinavian but also a bit Japanese. Little did I know that there was a term for this mash-up of styles; Japandi.

Japandi is a minimalist yet comfortable style that draws from both Scandinavia and Japan. It’s the perfect mix of both zen and cozy with an emphasis on craftsmanship and natural materials. Read on to discover how to achieve the Japandi look in your home:


Minimalism is at the heart of both Scandinavian and Japanese interiors. Look for furniture with low, clean lines and free of ornamentation. Use containers made out of bamboo or straw to hide clutter and above all keep it simple. 


Neutral Color Scheme

Japandi style adheres to a strict neutral color scheme with white, beige, black and grey taking center stage. If you must bring in color stick to colors you find in nature like rust, orange and brown. Avoid fluorescents at all costs.


Natural Elements

Hoffman Dining Chair, Formakami JH4 Pendant, Vintage Louis Philippe Mirror

To create interest with a neutral color scheme play with texture. Natural materials like wood, rattan, paper and linen will help you achieve a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Stay clear of plastic, plexiglass and anything too shiny.


Mix The Old With The New

Vintage Bench With Cashmere Cushion

This vintage elm bench with cashmere cushion is a wonderful mash up of old and new, hard and soft, dark and light. Seek vintage pieces with patina and pair them with newer pieces with clean lines to create a refined wabi-sabi look.


Minimal Art Work

Cheung Yee is one of my favorite artists and his work lends itself perfectly to the Japandi style. Some other artists I love include Noguchi, Plastart, and Windy Chien. Etsy, Chairish and your neighborhood thrift store are great places to look for art.


Accessorize Carefully

Sheldon Ceramics Dinner Set, Vintage Urn, Mad et Len Candle

You want to be careful when accessorizing and only select things you love to avoid clutter. Choose items that are both functional and decorative. A vintage urn is the perfect vessel to hold an oversized branch or two, white ceramics work for all occasions and a candle provides ambient lighting and looks great when accessorized on a coffee table.



Kayu Mini Sur, Kayu Cassia Clutch, Kayu Sandal

To create Japandi style in your wardrobe reach for simple, timeless pieces made out of natural materials.